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Aisha Moore

Allyson Deese

Anthony Beal

Anthony K. Williams

Authoress Asia

Author S.D. Denny

Barbara Joe Williams

Brandy D. Johnson


Claudia Mosley

Cinsearae Santiago

CJ Domino

Deondriea Cantrice

D.L. Sparks

Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe

Elissa Gabrielle

Fon James

Gayle Jackson Sloan

Hazel Mills

Isiah Hurts

Iris Celeste

Jackie Moore

Jay'L Harris

Jessica A. Robinson

Jessica Tilles

John R. Williams - The Author

Julia Thomas

Kathy J. Marsh

Kaliannah Shirah

Kenda Bell

Kenya Goodman

Kisha Green

K.L. Belvin


LaToya S. Watkins

Letitia P Blount

Linda R. Herman


Lorraine Elzia

Margie Gosa Shivers

Marie Antionette

Maurice Phillips

Melissa Kesead

Melissa Wathington

Michelle Bodden

Monica Marie Jones

Nanette M. Buchanan

Perry Coons

Patricia A. Bridewell

Patricia Yarbrough

Paulette Harper

Peron F. Long

Rachel Berry

Rae Lindley

Renee Aikens

R. Moreen Clarke

Samara King

Sandra Sealy

Shani Greene-Dowdell

Shon Majette

Sonya Sparks

Stacy Deanne

Sybil Barkley-Staples

T. Nicole Robinson

Tamara Angela Grant

Tamika Newhouse

Tavares Carney

Theresa Fitzgerald

Tia Marie Boykins

Tiffany Parker

Tina Brooks McKinney

Tinisha Nicole Johnson

TL James

Tracy L. Darity

Trice Hickman

Vee Veca Lavoira

Victoria Wells

Violette Reid

Wanda B. Campbell

Yolonda Tonette Sanders